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Sew Fun!

Here is the fruit of our epic sewing marathon! I love the little birdie, die cut out of fabric!!

Easy Sew Box Bag, Gonna carry my Colorista Markers in here.

Easy Sew Box Bag, Gonna carry my Colorista Markers in here.

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Janome Skyline S3 sewing machine

Janome Skyline S3 Review

If you’re like me, OCD and type-A (my poor husband), before you make any purchase you dig deep, deep, deep into the bowels of the internet, (ewwww), to read every review possible.  Well I wanted to contribute to your google hits, and hopefully help you make a decision if you’re in the market for a sewing machine. Continue Reading

Embroidery Addiction

I got a new sewing machine! And I can’t stop embroidering.  If you think the pictures here are dark…it’s because it’s the middle of the night.

But someone was very happy in the morning!

r2d2 shirt

New r2d2 embroidered shirt. Maybe a whole Star Wars Collection should be in the works

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Sun Hat Flop

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen all this brightly coloured, beautiful printed fabric cut out into enough pieces to make two girls sun hats.  What a disaster!!! Continue Reading

Kids Pyjamas

HomeMade Pj's

Could homemade pajamas be any cuter. Melly Sews has the best kids pyjama pattern.







The only good thing about winter lasting so long this year is it’s given me a much needed extension on finishing the kids pyjamas.  If you’re a confident beginner, you can totally make these too. Continue Reading

The Amanda Apron

Ruffled Apron. Follow the tutorial and make your own for less than $8.
A frilly fancy apron that's quick and easy. Read the tutorial to see how to make it.

A frilly fancy apron that’s quick and easy. Read the tutorial to see how to make it. A fancy and frilly apron, made for Amanda.

How about an apron, nicer than the outfit you’re cooking in?  Stylish aprons have made a huge comeback.  If you’ve been to any trendy cooking shops or even clothing stores lately you’ve likely seen them, often with sexy curves, cute materials and often close to $100 a piece. Yikes!  Part of you has to wonder why you’d be wearing a $100 garment to save your pyjama bottoms from muffin mix?  Most of us don’t cook in our Sunday best.  If it is a special occasion we quickly run and change in the minutes after the cooking is done and the company arrives.  But all practicality aside, I love these fancy aprons and I’m guilty of forking over whopping price to Anthropology, only to get it home and say (what I always say) I could have made this myself.

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