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If you’ve been following me this week, you’re either sick to death of the Frozen party or you’re dying to see how it turned out.  If you’re the former, log off now. If you’re the latter… Ta-da!

Frozen Party

Frozen Party. Homemade Frozen Invitations, Homemade Elsa Costumes, Elsa Cake.

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The Countdown – DAY 5

In five days, my five-year-old will turn six.  Actually, she’ll turn six in two days, but the five day countdown to the party has begun.  This is the point in the week where I’m inspired, feeling excited to make so many cool things.  Check back in on day two and day one and you might find me in the kitchen in the fetal position.   So ya, stay tuned for that. Continue Reading

Video 1 – BackYard BarnYard Birthday Cake!

I hope you’ll enjoy an inside look into the making of my twins HomeMade Birthday…Specifically the ups and downs of baking the backyard barnyard birthday CAKE!  Just click PLAY below!


barnyard Fondant cake

A barnyard fondant cake, you can make it yourself.

Ariel Under the Sea Party!

My daughter turned 5 this week.  It’ s not just that she now fills up a whole hand, or is that handful, it’s a motherhood milestone too.  Five years of…. (I kinda wanna say pure hell…) but it’s been a juggle of joy and …well, hell.Little Mermaid Cake Continue Reading


First Cake

Oddly, I don’t even like cake.

However, I quickly discovered a HomeMade custom cake makes people really happy. Continue Reading

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