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Lawn Fawn Stamp Set
HomeMade Baby Card - Stamp & Die by Avery Elle
Stamp by Avery Elle, Die by Lil' Inker Designs.
Home made fondant cake
gumpaste daisies

Wreaths! Burlap & Yarn

We are knee deep in Yarn and burlap! we’ve got 10 days to make 50 wreaths!

Felt Poinsettia Flowers on the yarn wreath.

Felt Poinsettia Flowers on the yarn wreath.

The cutest felt colours from Wild Flower Felt Designs

The cutest felt colours from Wild Flower Felt Designs

the burlap wreath

the burlap wreath

Here’s are the step by step Burlap wreath instructions.

My First Scrapbook Page

My First Scrapbook Page

So this is my very first scrapbook page! Seriously. With all my crafting addictions, I’ve never really scrapbooked. Unbelievable. Well better 15 years late to the party, than never to show up at all. (right!?!?)

Anyway, I loved it.  It was totally fun. it felt like a card, that I sent myself.  (awe).

My First Scrapbook Page

My First Scrapbook Page


Those glasses are hilarious.

Those glasses are hilarious.

Pocket journaling.




Here are the stars of the show!

The Ultimate!

Perfect Bows Every Time using The Ultimate bow maker.

Perfect Bows Every Time using The Ultimate bow maker.

It’s that time of year! You need Cards, you need Boxes, you need to save $$$$. So turn paper you already have into treat boxes, cards and tags for Christmas! That’s what we did tonight?!

Some easy scores and folds and you have a pop-out card or box! Made with the Ultimate.

Some easy scores and folds and you have a pop-out card or box! Made with the Ultimate.

Here’s what I used!! Canadian LIST below!!!

CANADIANS!! Here’s you go !! A few options at least in CDN$

Giving Thanks Card

Tonight’s card, totally inspired by Annie Williams!

Giving Thanks Card. Embossed background, Coloured with Spectrum Noir Markers.

Giving Thanks Card. Embossed background, Coloured with Spectrum Noir Markers.

When you’re stuck for inspiration troll through the blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and find something you like and try to replicate, I guarantee you’ll get somewhere good. Continue Reading

Sew Fun!

Here is the fruit of our epic sewing marathon! I love the little birdie, die cut out of fabric!!

Easy Sew Box Bag, Gonna carry my Colorista Markers in here.

Easy Sew Box Bag, Gonna carry my Colorista Markers in here.

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Craft Class — Planner Decorating

Pretty-up your planner, or decorate your recipe box, journal or even just a plain old binder. These easy embellishments can really make organization so much more fun.  I feel happier when I open my planner and see something cute that I made myself.


Here’s a list of what I used tonight!

Craft Class Supplies: Water Colour

Hey Everybody!

This week’s Wednesday night Craft Class was all about water colour.  Catch it here,

In case you’re looking to get started!
Here’s what I used!


Gemini Electronic Die cutting Machine

Unboxing The Gemini!

You know when you fall in love with that product you see online or on tv and you call or click and are bursting in anticipation to get it home.  Crafters know what I’m talking about.  There’s this agonizing lag between when you order and when the UPS guys shows up. Or, even worse, it was SOLD OUT and you’re waiting for it to come back in-stock. Dang it.  Or maybe you’re just wondering what this machine is really like, in real life — away from the good lighting and perfect positioning of the TV studio.

Now bring in me – queen of real life and bad lighting Continue Reading

Free Brush Lettering Online Class. Free Printable Brush lettering practice Sheets.

FREE Brush Lettering Practice Sheet

Hey everyone. If you follow my Instagram and Facebook pages you’ll know I’m obsessed with BrushLettering, Calligraphy, Fauxlligraphy, Modern Calligraphy…all of these are terms for ….  as my kids would say “fancy writing.”

Turn your own hand writing into art.

Turn your own hand writing into art.

So tonight, as part of my continuing LIVE Crafting series on the Crafter’s Companion USA Facebook page, I’m going to teach you a bit about how to ‘write fancy.’ Continue Reading

Watercolor Peonies with brush Lettering


So lately I’ve been all about water colour. I can’t get enough. I like it because you really don’t have to have any artistic training, or even talent to be good at using them.

Watercolour wreath

Simple Watercolor wreath

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HSN here I come!

I’m so happy to announce for the text few months my two worlds are going merge.  Guess where TV and crafting merge into one happy place ? Yep, HSN.   They say #ItsFunHere and they’ve been kinda right.

Jennifer Tryon at HSN in Tampa, FLA with Crafter's Companion. #ItsFunHere

Jennifer Tryon at HSN in Tampa, FLA with Crafter’s Companion. #ItsFunHere

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NEW VIDEO! – Craft Room Cleanup

I’m not sure I’d tune in to watch someone cleaning up….BUT I think you’ll find some pretty inspiring tips and craft room organization products that will help you get your space, no matter the size in inspiration shape too.

I’m loving all the products I got from Stamp N Storage, they’ve been key to keeping items off my desk, and on display.  Honestly, Stamp N Storage heard the cry of the messy crafter and has something to keep everything organized!! Ah-mazing.


New Craft Room, New Site – NEW VIDEO!

Well hello!  A lot of work has been happening off-line and I’ve got a Craft Room Tour Video to help bring you up to speed.

I’ve spent most of my summer holidays making over my craft room, and weekend since … making this Video and many more months before that remaking this website. Both (I think) are looking swell and much more inspiring.

Craft Room Tour

Jennifer Tryon’s Craft Room

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Halloween card collage. Copic colouring, simon says stamp stamps & Lil'Inker Designs die cuts.

Halloween Cards!

Fall doesn’t garner a lot of happy mail.  So, since I promised myself I’d make a card a day until Christmas (in hopes of  having all hand made cards) but couldn’t quite get into the spirit of Christmas before Halloween, I started season of card making kick here. Continue Reading

Janome Skyline S3 sewing machine

Janome Skyline S3 Review

If you’re like me, OCD and type-A (my poor husband), before you make any purchase you dig deep, deep, deep into the bowels of the internet, (ewwww), to read every review possible.  Well I wanted to contribute to your google hits, and hopefully help you make a decision if you’re in the market for a sewing machine. Continue Reading

Colouring Contest

I’ve been colouring up a storm.
I got a whole whack of Spectrum noir alcohol makers from Crafter’s companion and I’my loving the blending and feeling like a real artist!!! How much do you love these stamps by Santro-London. They’re Gorguss girls!
Which one do you like better!?!

Gorjuss Girl Stamps colored with Spectrum Noir Markers and a few colics.

Gorjuss Girl stamps by Santro-London. I’m in love. Which one do you like better? (coloured with Spectrum Noir Markers and a few copics)

If you’re interested in the markers, stamps and paper I used….check them out.

Ikea Hack: Spotan

Translation. Cheap metal board from Ikea, made better by fabric.  But what isn’t made better by fabric.

Spontan hack

Cheap metal magnet board from Ikea called the Spontan.

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If you’ve been following me this week, you’re either sick to death of the Frozen party or you’re dying to see how it turned out.  If you’re the former, log off now. If you’re the latter… Ta-da!

Frozen Party

Frozen Party. Homemade Frozen Invitations, Homemade Elsa Costumes, Elsa Cake.

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What have I agreed to!??

In one week’s time, some nice lady holding a stop watch is going to sit me down in front of a sewing machine, in the middle of the Toronto Convention Centre and hand me a basket full of mystery sewing supplies. Then she’s going to shout “GO!”  Continue Reading

Embroidery Addiction

I got a new sewing machine! And I can’t stop embroidering.  If you think the pictures here are dark…it’s because it’s the middle of the night.

But someone was very happy in the morning!

r2d2 shirt

New r2d2 embroidered shirt. Maybe a whole Star Wars Collection should be in the works

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Sun Hat Flop

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen all this brightly coloured, beautiful printed fabric cut out into enough pieces to make two girls sun hats.  What a disaster!!! Continue Reading

Hi Pretty! Card GiveAway

I love love love these little Origami dresses. Aren’t they just the cutest?!  It got me to thinking about how long it’s been since I put on a nice little dress. Which in turn, got me thinking about my best girlfriends and how life has changed for all of us, we’re miles from our days of gallivanting in little dresses.  Continue Reading

Video 1 – BackYard BarnYard Birthday Cake!

I hope you’ll enjoy an inside look into the making of my twins HomeMade Birthday…Specifically the ups and downs of baking the backyard barnyard birthday CAKE!  Just click PLAY below!


barnyard Fondant cake

A barnyard fondant cake, you can make it yourself.

Kids Pyjamas

HomeMade Pj's

Could homemade pajamas be any cuter. Melly Sews has the best kids pyjama pattern.







The only good thing about winter lasting so long this year is it’s given me a much needed extension on finishing the kids pyjamas.  If you’re a confident beginner, you can totally make these too. Continue Reading

The Amanda Apron

Ruffled Apron. Follow the tutorial and make your own for less than $8.
A frilly fancy apron that's quick and easy. Read the tutorial to see how to make it.

A frilly fancy apron that’s quick and easy. Read the tutorial to see how to make it. A fancy and frilly apron, made for Amanda.

How about an apron, nicer than the outfit you’re cooking in?  Stylish aprons have made a huge comeback.  If you’ve been to any trendy cooking shops or even clothing stores lately you’ve likely seen them, often with sexy curves, cute materials and often close to $100 a piece. Yikes!  Part of you has to wonder why you’d be wearing a $100 garment to save your pyjama bottoms from muffin mix?  Most of us don’t cook in our Sunday best.  If it is a special occasion we quickly run and change in the minutes after the cooking is done and the company arrives.  But all practicality aside, I love these fancy aprons and I’m guilty of forking over whopping price to Anthropology, only to get it home and say (what I always say) I could have made this myself.

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Burlap Wreath

 Is there a more perfect combo than a wreath and a red door? I spotted a burlap wreath on Pintrest and gasped.  It became my first pin that wasn’t my own creation, and it immediately got repinned, and repinned and repinned. I knew I had to give it a try.  So here’s my version, already on my front door. I’d like to say this is really hard, that only the most talented crafter could accomplish such a rare beauty.  But the truth is, if you can fold a piece of fabric in half, you can make a burlap wreath. I bet even my sister could do it.

Continue Reading

A Baby Quilt

For me, the slightest twinge of inspiration turns into a weekend of OCD.  I met a friend’s new baby on Friday and that was it, she must have a quilt by Monday. So the plans of Christmas wreath making went on hold, so the sweet little thing could be wrapped snug as a bug within 72 hours.A Baby Quilt

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Ariel Under the Sea Party!

My daughter turned 5 this week.  It’ s not just that she now fills up a whole hand, or is that handful, it’s a motherhood milestone too.  Five years of…. (I kinda wanna say pure hell…) but it’s been a juggle of joy and …well, hell.Little Mermaid Cake Continue Reading

Hello Kitty Hat Tutorial

Well I couldn’t get away with making one kid a hat.  I was quickly schooled on fairness according to 3 and 4-year-old.   Like I couldn’t see this argument coming a mile away. But little did they know I had them in mind the whole time.

Surprise! Hello Kitty!Surprise, one for both of you!

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Panda Costume

I’m sneezing fur fibres.

Furry Mess

I should have guessed cutting and sewing that much faux fur fabric would pollute the air and my lungs with black and white particles. Furry bits are literally everywhere.  A small price for a big Halloween dream.  Continue Reading

A Quilt.

Violet quiltI made my first quilt and my Aunt Valerie emailed me to say my grandmother would be so proud. I cried.  Instantly I can picture my grandmother and about a dozen other women in the church basement in the small town where she lived, before moving in with us. There was a huge quilting loom where the Sunday school tables normally sat.  I witnessed a good old fashion quilting bee.  All the ladies, hand stitching together, perfect imperfect stitches. The quilt was made of actual scraps, not pieces of expensive fabric cut up to look like scraps. My grandmother slept with quits that once were dresses, shirts and nightgowns, not $15 a yard quilting cotton, bought online. Continue Reading

Ruby’s Dress

Ruby’s Dress, this was my first attempt at making a dress. No pattern just a fabric she liked and a basic idea. Turned out pretty good and she loves that it has her name in it.

PicMonkey Collage

See ya later Grandma, enjoy the basement!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m lucky to have a space in our house we use specifically for crafting.  It’s a little 6×12 foot loft space that overlooks the living room I share with the kids. Regular people would use it as an office. BORING! The kids and I love it…it contains our creations.  Apart from our bed at 6am, it’s where we all pile into most often…except dad. He likes it when we’re all in there so he can watch tv in peace. Continue Reading


First Cake

Oddly, I don’t even like cake.

However, I quickly discovered a HomeMade custom cake makes people really happy. Continue Reading

WELCOME to Tryon a HomeMade Life!


Thank you so much for coming to visit my first of many posts.  If you know me well you know my obsession for making things.  This is a place to showcase some of those creations and to inspire your own.  I’ll post what i’m working on, the good the bad and the ugly. Sometimes very ugly.  With lots of links to helpful tips, patterns,  links, recipes and projects I find a long the way.  Check out my tutorials for instructions and help with things I’ve made and you’d like to try.  And by all means, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact me at tryonahomemadelife@gmail.com. Continue Reading

Great Deals for Christmas

Great Christmas Deals – Stamping and Die Cutting

Scrapbook.com is having a huge sale. You can sift through. The Clearance has lots of great deals.

Scrapbook.com: Thousands of scrapbooking supplies. HUGE daily discounts!
Below is a list of decently priced, necessities and a few cute sets.

This first diecutting bundle will be enough basic shapes to last a lifetime.

you need Momento Ink, so that you can stamp and colour with Alcohol based markers, like Spectrum Noir.

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